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Frequently Asked Questions

FGI started its activity twenty years ago. Throughout this time we have been developing and achieving success in the field of trading in the commodity markets.

The company offers to become a partner and investor of the largest platform that combines the most profitable and relevant strategies for earning money through cryptocurrency trading.

On the security of cryptocurrency, the platform receives fiat money for the plant of funds to qualified brokers on commodity exchanges. The pool is running. The profit covers the difference between the secured loan. The profit from work is withdrawn into cryptocurrency and goes to payouts to investors + 30% of the profit goes to the Foodex Management Company.

By inviting new investors, the amount of money circulating in the system increases. The more players enter, the more profit everyone receives.

You have one unique, individual referral link where you can invite as many people as you want. The more clients come from you, the higher profit you get.

In addition to the main advantage in the form of an increase in the profit interest, you get the opportunity to work with like-minded people and invite friends, relatives and acquaintances, thereby increasing their well-being.

Sure you can! This is also one of the significant advantages of our referral.

Everything is simple. Interest will be credited to your account, which is created after the account registration, immediately after the new partner makes his deposit.

Yes, you will receive a bonus for every deposit made by a User who came through your link.

Yes, you will receive a bonus for every deposit made by a User who came through your link.

You can attract new users with your link, which you can publish on your social networks, send a message in instant messengers, or place as an advertisement on various bulletin boards and other sites.

All information about the affiliate program, including a unique link and other data, is located in your Account on our website.

We profit from arbitrage as well as CFD contracts. All work is done through AI and professional traders with many years of experience and an excellent reputation.

Using the most reliable trading methods, modern tools, and real professionals in their field, our company was able to minimize all risks, providing high-quality service to its clients.

The company guarantees the safety of your investments and daily profit, according to the terms of the selected investment pool.

The client opens an account on the platform.

Brings cryptocurrencies to the balance.

Chooses to invest in the investment pool.

Funds are credited to the company's account and go to a specific pool of the corresponding tariff.

Fill in all fields of the registration form. The information must be true because if you enter fake data, you will not be able to make a deposit and withdraw the earned funds. After entering all the necessary information, the system will create your account and you will be able to use all the features of the platform.

To enter the Personal Account, you must enter your phone number and the password entered during registration. The same actions will be required to withdraw funds from the account.

There are many features available to our customers, including:

Balance replenishment.

Selection and activation of investment pools.

Graphs for raw materials.

Monthly reporting.

Button to join social networks and get a bonus.

When registering a bonus (within the framework of promotions).

Graph of profitability of a working deposit, by terms.

Button to withdraw funds from the balance.

Tab referral links and referral tree.

The balance, balance is divided into pools and the balance from referrals.

Platform news in the form of a tape, which is duplicated from social networks.

Video instruction on using the platform.

If you did not find the answer to your question in this section, you can ask our specialists, who work for you around the clock. Fill out a simple application form and our online consultant will contact you shortly.

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