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    BTC/USD 60458.22$ 6.383%

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    ETH/USD 3351.2$ 2.907%

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    LTC/USD 75.91$ 1.443%

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    XRP/USD 0.59$ 5.370%

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    USDT/USD 1$ 0%

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    XMR/USD 118.7$ -2.385%

We are always focused on
Trading in Commodity Markets

For more than twenty years our company has been trading in commodity markets. We know how to increase our clients’ profit. The implemented system of using cryptocurrency for trading provides an even more reliable strategy, which has already been used by thousands of people.

Why FGI?

There are several important reasons why investing with us is profitable:

Our Product

We have several products that every client can invest in. They can also change portfolios depending on their preferences.
  • Corn


    The best option for beginners is with a minimum investment, but still a good percentage of profit.

  • Сoarse Rice

    Coarse rice

    The limited deposit amount is suitable for those who have a certain amount to invest.

  • Wheat


    This a great option for those who want to start earning a lot and immediately. Favorable interest rate, a lot of opportunities, and an unlimited deposit amount.

  • Soybean


    Investments for those who want to try their hand at investing. The average profit interest, as well as the possibility of entry with the lowest deposit amount: $10.

Investment Plans

Learn more about the proposed options, the amount of the deposit, and the percentage of profit from each investment pool that we offer.

There is one step left separating you from financial independence! Choose your investment plan and start earning like millions of people around the world!

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