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This Agreement is aimed at familiarizing with the terms of collection and use of personal data of Users who decide to become clients of the platform. All information provided is not transferred to third parties and is not used in any form unless it contradicts the Company's policy, which is set out in the submitted rules.

Registration and creation of an account on this site indicate an automatic agreement with all the Rules, as well as an understanding that the information provided will be collected and used in accordance with the Company's privacy policy.

  • 01

    Registration on the website

    1.1. Any User from any country in the world can become an investor in the presented project. To do this, you need to register on the site and create a personal account there. One User can have only one account. If it is found out that the User has violated this rule and created several accounts, all his accounts will be blocked and the money will be frozen.

    1.2. By registering, the User confirms that he has reached the age of majority and also agrees and confirms that he uses the site at his discretion, voluntarily, and on his own.

    1.3. By registering, the User confirms his agreement with all the clauses of these Rules and assumes all rights and obligations arising in connection with this. In case of non-compliance with any paragraph of the Rules, disagreement with the general doctrine of the Rules, or any other disagreement, the User must stop registering an account and leave this section of the site.

  • 02

    Payments & Withdrawals

    2.1. The Company undertakes to ensure the declared return on deposits following the terms of service that were in force at the time of the deposit. Please note that we reserve the right to refuse any investment without giving any reason.

    2.2. All funds earned under the program are credited following the tariffs and conditions specified in the participant's investment plan. Please note that profit is credited once after the expiration of the period specified in the participant's investment plan.

    2.3. Any amount on the balance of your account is available for withdrawal. Withdrawals can only be made in the same currency in which you invested. All withdrawal requests are processed manually, which may take up to two working days (days). We take our time reviewing and processing each request individually to ensure that your account and funds are as secure as possible.

  • 03


    3.1. While we strive to keep the website available 24/7, we reserve the right to withdraw or change the services we provide without prior notice. If necessary, we may suspend access to the website or close it indefinitely to improve or update its functions and performance.

    3.2. The Company shall not be liable if, for reasons beyond its control, the site is unavailable at any time or for any period. We are not responsible for any failures and system errors in the deposit and/or withdrawal of funds that have arisen due to the fault of electronic payment systems or internet connection providers.

    3.3. By the fact of registration, the User confirms acceptance of all the items of these Rules and accepts all rights and obligations arising in this connection. In case of rejection of any item of the Rules, disagreement with the general doctrine of the Rules or any other differences of opinion, the user is obliged to stop the account registration and leave this section of the site.

  • 04

    Cooperation terms

    4.1. The Investor undertakes to show courtesy, loyalty, objectivity, tolerance, and moral poise in relations with the company and with other Investors both independently and on parity terms. As a consequence and condition, the Investor agrees that all disputes will be considered and resolved only through negotiations on an equal footing until such disagreements and disputes are fully resolved.

    4.2. Sometimes the account may be temporarily blocked. This means that an investigation process is currently underway on that profile or group of profiles. If you do not agree to block your account, please contact our support team and wait for their response.

    4.2. If the Investor objects to any clause of the Rules or any subsequent changes to these Rules, or becomes dissatisfied with the Program, the only recourse for the Investor is to immediately terminate participation.

  • 05

    Rights and Responsibilities

    5.1. We reserve the right to revise and amend these Rules at any time without special notice. Changes take effect immediately after publication.

    5.2. You should periodically check these Rules for changes to ensure that you continue to agree to them. By using this site after we post any changes to these Terms, you agree to accept those changes, whether you have read them or not.

    5.3. Please, carefully read these Rules. If at any time you decide not to accept these Rules, please do not use this website.