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Mission and vision

The main mission of the company is to unite all commodity markets for trading cryptocurrencies. The platform includes various investment funds and trading companies operating in the commodity markets all over the world.

We want to enable investors from all over the world with the help of cryptocurrencies to get the opportunity to participate in the formation of investment pools for raw materials and goods, as well as CFD contracts.

  • mission We have been working in the commodity sector for 20 years.
  • mission We offer an excellent opportunity to profit from commodity investment instruments using cryptocurrencies.
  • mission We unite retail investors and trading groups worldwide into one powerful conglomerate.

Who we are

Our team has been working in the commodity sector for more than 20 years, and now that the food problem has enveloped the whole world, we are launching a global platform for retail private investors to participate in a great opportunity to profit from commodity investment instruments using cryptocurrencies.

On the security of cryptocurrency, the platform receives fiat funds for the plant of funds to qualified brokers on commodity exchanges. The pool is running. The profit covers the difference between the secured loan. The profit from work is withdrawn into cryptocurrency and goes to payouts to investors + 30% of the profit goes to the Foodex Management Company.

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    Safety of funds in European banks

    All assets of our investors, as well as interest from profits, are stored in reliable banking institutions in Europe.

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    Personal Data Nondisclosure Policy

    Platform users receive guaranteed high protection of their data and monetary assets.

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    The best in the Financial Market

    For two decades we have been the best in commodities trading.

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    Large community with professional support

    We know how to trade in commodity markets with minimal risk.

What we do

The platform combines many advantages, including the use of AI for forecasting and analysis, as well as communication with all major world markets and exchanges of goods and raw materials.

The presence of a referral program will allow you to earn even more, and investments in cryptocurrency will make investments anonymous and as profitable as possible.

Soya Beans

Commodities in Real Time Memory

Product Date Open Low High Close Changes Changes %
Coffee 26.02.2024 180.5 179.25 182.45 179.6 -0.9 -0.70%
Corn 26.02.2024 413.5 408.75 422.5 421.5 8 +21.75%
Wheat 26.02.2024 569.75 560 576.25 574.75 5 +1.25%
Sugar 26.02.2024 23.1 23.1 23.1 23.1 0 +0.5%
Cotton 26.02.2024 92.05 92.05 92.05 92.05 0 +1.31%

Company Goals

We are always moving forward, we do not stop at the achieved results! Develop with us!

Customer Reviews

Our clients have already increased their financial well-being and continue to invest in successful projects. They are ready to share their impressions, emotions and experiences.